Working with Clients cross the USA and beyond...

Job hunting is a global business, and I am a Global Resume writer. With experience working with clients in America(75%), Ireland(15%) and Germany(10%), I understand practically everything there is to know about Resume Writing and the Recruitment process.  I have a real passion and unshakable belief in the written word, especially when it comes to assisting my clients and helping them each step of the way. I want to see you succeed in the jobs market and give you the tools to apply for any role.   I take great pleasure in watching my customers go from having no Job offers to climbing the career ladder and getting the positions they are targeting. I work with a small team, so that the service is extremely personal. 

From a Technical point of view, I want all my clients to have a Resume that is filled with Power Verbs, Relevancy and a Personable Tone.  I want to get you on the shortlist and keep you there. Whether you are a Graduate or a Senior Manager,  I have the experience and the know-how to work with you, guide you and make your Resume a job-winning tool that changes your life.  Work with me today and watch your future unfold. Upload your current Resume for a FREE Resume Review now. I Guarantee that everything I suggest will make sense. 

Denise Lee


“Since you did my first Resume, I have been promoted internally 2 times in the last 18 months, which I am super happy about. I am now looking to move abroad into an even more senior position. thanks again.”

Adam Wilson

Graphic Designer

“I have looked over the LinkedIn and Resume that you done for me, and I must say that I am very happy with it. It looks very professional and I will be recommending you to people at work and in my new college course.”

Mike Stuart


“Resume looks fantastic. I was going nowhere with my previous Resume. I only wish I had contacted you sooner. I will let you know how I got on.”

Passing the AI and Applicant Tracking Systems

When applying for roles within Large Companies, your resume will nearly always be checked and scrutinized by Applicant Tracking Systems.  There are many industry acronyms, keywords and skills that you can use to make your resume stand out and pass the ATS. If you are working with a professional resume writer and want to work within a specific industry, we can create a resume designed for that field. A great resume gives potential employers a positive view of who you are and what skills and experience you bring to the table.  Finding a job right now is very difficult, especially if your Resume looks and reads the same as every other resume out there. If you are looking to get an added advantage in every sense of the word, then having a professionally written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile helps your chances.   Upload your Resume now. 

A Personalized Service

Starting out in Ireland, before gaining extensive knowledge in Employment Services and Resume Writing Formats across America, I have grown Go Go Resume on the foundation stones of Professionalism and hands-on expertise; gaining a name for providing a personalized Resume Writing service to clients from all industries and backgrounds. I work with clients across America, creating job-winning documents that speak volumes to potential employers. To start the process, simply upload your current Resume for a free Resume review.

Beating the National and International Competition

Those jobseekers based in the USA and applying for jobs here are only a small percentage of those applying for roles via international job portals and agencies, which leaves anyone based here at a huge disadvantage, especially if one is out of touch with the nuances of modern job application procedures, ATS Software and AI software. This issue has been exasperated by Covid and the new reality of the Virtual Workplace, where companies can hire people from anywhere. Be assured that those applying from outside of America spend weeks preparing, formatting, and designing their Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn profiles. These applications are going to override and surpass any that are sub-standard. I work to ensure your Resume is far and above the best there is, and I understand how to get you the interview for any role. Upload your Resume now. 

"Resume looks fantastic. I was going nowhere with my previous Resume. I only wish I had contacted you sooner. I will let you know how I got on."
Adam Richards
Head Carpenter
"The resume you wrote for me worked. Coming from a Senior role into something completely different, it is clear now that I was coming across as over-qualified. Your Profile and Skills section seem to have done the trick."
Denise Lyne
IT Support
"Absolutely delighted to let you know that I got the Sales Management role. I am over the moon. I think the Resume even gave me more confidence during the interview. Perfect!"
Alison Maduro
Head Chef

A Free Resume Review. Really?

Yes. This is the system that works best. Without a job-winning Resume and Cover Letter,  you are going to be over-looked by most employers, and you will not get the job that you are targeting. I can help you get noticed by employers and recruitment agencies, and I have experience working with clients in America, Ireland and across the Globe. I place Privacy and Confidentiality at the top of my list and I never fail to turn your Resume into a powerful job-winning tool.  Regardless of your current situation, an overhaul of your resume will assist you in landing that dream role. Upload your current Resume now.

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