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A Professional Resume is a HAVE TO and not a WANT TO

Having a self-made or badly written CV is like a person that tried to describe a new car, only to end up describing an old broke down pick-up truck. People have no problems getting a professional when it comes to Legal or Financial work, but when it comes to their Resume, most people have no idea how much damage they are doing to their career prospects and their very future. You would have a better chance of getting the interview if you sent in a page with ‘I am not the person for this role’. At least they could figure out that you are honest.

Research, Research, Research…

I research, design and format every Resume with a strong introduction, ATS power verbs and a tone that introduces you in a professional and relative manner. Once you see the feedback and positive reactions from having a professional Resume, you will regret ever thinking that you could ‘Go it Alone’. I want to work with you so that your career prospects are increased and expanded on. I want to work with you to ensure your future is a prosperous one. This is my reason for being a professional Resume Writer.

Denise Lee


“Since you did my first Resume, I have been promoted internally 2 times in the last 18 months, which I am super happy about. I am now looking to move abroad into an even more senior position. thanks again.”

Adam Wilson

Graphic Designer

“I have looked over the LinkedIn and Resume that you done for me, and I must say that I am very happy with it. It looks very professional and I will be recommending you to people at work and in my new college course.”

Mike Stuart


“Resume looks fantastic. I was going nowhere with my previous Resume. I only wish I had contacted you sooner. I will let you know how I got on.”

Resume Statistics

1 %
Of Resumes Fail

Because of Length or Formatting issues

1 %
Of Employers

Will Judge Applicants on their Cover Letter

1 %
of Employees

Need a GOGO Resume

A Personalized Service

I have grown GoGoResume on the foundation stones of Professionalism and Expertise,  gaining a name for providing a personalized Resume Writing service to clients from all industries and backgrounds.  I work with clients across America, broadening out Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles in order to create job-winning documents that speak volumes to potential employers. To start the process, simply upload your current Resume for a free Resume review. 

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