Quality Resumes in Maryland – Passing the AI and Keyword Tests

As the rejection letters pile up, the frustration builds and the weeks of applying for jobs add-up, it can be easy to multiply the number of applications in the hope that something ‘Sticks’. The Maryland State resume experience tells us that when it comes to landing your dream job, it is always a quality resume that ensures your name is at the top of the list when prospective employers are looking for employees. We understand the principle of quality and we know how to reflect your experience, skills and knowledge in order to make your application a success. Talk to us now.

The power of LinkedIn is growing day-by-day. We have witnessed job-seekers expand their profile and presence on LinkedIn only to rocket their career in a matter of weeks. With over 300 million profiles and millions of profile views every hour, LinkedIn has the power to deliver. Fast becoming the ‘Go To’ portal for head-hunters and employers, Maryland State Resume can assist you in reaching out to a vast network of decision makers in order to drive your career in the right direction. LinkedIn is all the networking you need. Let us take you to the next level.

“There is nothing more damaging to a Resume then a bland long versed language style that bores the read after 20 seconds. Authenticity is the key to a job winning Resume. After literally reading 1000’s of Resumes, I can safely say that the successful job-seekers are those that place quality above quantity and originality above cliched sentences that can be found on virtually every Resume. Be brave. Be original. Let your experience, skills and talents do the talking for you”

Maryland State Resume is a virtual Resume Writing Service that works with some of the most creative and talented Resume writers worldwide. Originally started in Ireland, we soon gained a reputation for a first-grade personable service, original stand out Resumes and a solid customer service ethos that allowed us to grow and expand into a vast network of cities around the globe. We understand the global Resume market and the different complexities, protocols and industry guidelines across the world. We undertake adequate research in order to ensure our clients succeed in their career goals.

Our competitive prices, exceptional level of customer service and Interview Guarantee are demonstrative of the fact that we care about our client’s needs. With each client assigned an experienced and specialised resume writer, we try to match the skills, experience and education to that of our Resume writers, ensuring an industry standard bespoke document that represents the very best examples of industry specific Resumes. Our mantra is Quality above quantity and fairly priced packages above ‘Quick Fix’ solutions that do not work. Offering a 90 day rewrite clause into all packages ensures that all our clients trust us to deliver. If, after 90 days, you find the results are below expectations or that you are not happy with the Resume, we will assign a new Resume writer to your document in order to completely rewrite it. We will take your suggestions on board, making formatting and design edits before emailing you back a document that you are 100% happy with. We want to assist you in getting the role you desire. We want to offer you the service you deserve.